Marc Johnson:

"The lundgaard amplifier satisfies me on many levels. The sound is very transparent and true to the sound that I produce acoustically. It features very sensitive and user friendly EQ controls. The low cut switch has been useful in a number of rooms where the low end was too big on stage. With the two-channel amp, I can blend my microphone and transducer and the individual sends are really clean and quiet. The light weight makes it super portable, and at 300 watts it has plenty of power. Jesper has created an amp for every conceivable situation. I find it an indispensable part of my gear".


Ulf Wakenius:

"I strongly recommend the Lundgaard amp! It is the best sounding small and lightweight amp I ever played. To be that small it is amazingly powerful! It is built by the worldclass Danish bass player Jesper Lundgaard and he's done  an outstanding job".


Hans Backenroth:

I've tried almost every amp on the market, hoping to find the ideal double -bass amp. The lundgaard.amp is like a "wishlist" for what I've been searching for - and more than that! It sounds beatiful with all kinds of pickups/mics, the EQ-filters are perfect and easy to work with. It's very powerful and the weight is almost nothing. It also works exceptional with electric bass.


Michel Thiebaud:

The Jesper Lundgaard amplifier is an excellent compromise with the weight and the power (combo 2 channels, 300 watt) the sound of my double bass, an old french instrument, is exactly reproduced, with the large possibility of controls.

I use a David Gage system, or an aerian microphone DPA 4099, or the combination, and in the three cases, the result is very good.

It is the first amplifier that gives me satisfaction..!

I advice without hesitation this excellent amplifier.


Thomas Fonnesbech:

Lundgaard.amps is in my opinion the ultimate best example of a bass amplifier recreating the acoustic sound of an upright bass. It is elegant and has a user friendly design, provides versatility in its tunings, and has the ability to create a tone of supreme quality in all types of rooms. Furthermore, it is an extremely powerful amplifier with 550 watts, quaranteeing optimal performance and surplus in all situations. I can only voice great praise for this product, well assured that it's robust quality is the finest available.


Jon Rafnsson:

I am really pleased with my lundgaard.amp. I use it mostly with my fretless Chris Larkin acoustic bass, and my Double Bass (w. Realist pickup) - the sound is great,  warm and I get lots of comments about my good sound from fellow musicians and the audience.


Nikolaj Bentzon:

In all my years as a pianist I have been looking for the best equipment regarding amplification of voice and acoustic piano, especially for use in small auditorys, and larger rooms, where you don't want to bring a regular PA system. In other words a lightweight system featuring a nice warm sound and ditto reverb, that can amplify piano and voice without the experience of annoying feedback problems as soon as the sound level is raised a little above the voice and piano's natural volume. I guess Lundgaard solved my problem...


Jonathan Bremer:

I use the lundgaard amp top for everything I play. It has a great sound, lots of power, and some great and unique features. 2 channels with separate EQ, phase invert, effects, 3 different line out's (!), and not least the possibility for plugging a condenser microphone directly into it. I highly recommend this amp for all bass players.


Robert Henriksson:

I am very pleased with the amplifier. I just finished a 2 week tour, with sometimes very loud music, and finally I was able to match the sound level of drums and guitar on stage. The previous 9 years I did similar tours, but this is the first time my right hand does'nt hurt. This is the first amplifier I have tried that washes away the piezo character of my Wilson pickup. The sound is natural and transparent in the bottom, combined with a natural "top-end". Thank you for a fantastic product, it feels like a handbuilt instrument.


Gunnar Andersson:

To me it's essential to have a good sound. It's the most inspiring thing, apart from having  good fellow misicians of course. Now that I've found the Lundgaard amp I can always feel safe to have this good sound and enough power whatever location we're playing at. It works perfectly well in a concert hall as in a smalll club, outdoors or in a church. The lundgaard.amp is easy to handle and the small size and weight is also an advantage.


Lennart Ginman:

I've tried many amplifiers, but the new model from lundgaard.amps is without doubt, the best amplifier I ever used for my bass. The sound is firm, and the instrument maintains it's dry, woody quality, whether I play loud or soft on the amp. Most important, the sound is warm and organic, with the entire overtone register intact. Without doubt the best bass combo on the market.

Joao Hasselberg:

A good sound defines a good performance, every good musician knows that. Finally a bass amp that I'm happy to play with. It helps me deliver my sound and music to the audience. Great EQ and mic pre. Connecting my Ehrlund system and a condenser mic directly in I can get a perfect balance.

Henning Gailing:

I enjoy very much using it. It's the best amp I ever played. It really transfers the sound af the instrument either with pickup or with mic. I love the phase switch the most and the equalizer works wonderful. So thanks for the product! Keep swinging.

Robert Landfermann:

The amp arrived last thursday and I'm sorry I didn't write more soon! As far as I'm concerned I'm extremely happy with your amp -  it sems to be exactly the thing I was searching for;-) I played only two gigs so far but I was very surprised how natural it sounds and allows the bass to make the sound. Great! And with all your extra features there will be nothing left to think of. Thanks a lot!

Erik Söderlind:

A very nice warm jazzsound amp, handmade from the danish bassmaster Jesper Lundgaard. Powerful and very easy to carry. I highly reccomend the lundgaard produtcs. /Erik Söderlind